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"Not Your Grandmother's Pearls" Baroque Pearl Earrings

"Not Your Grandmother's Pearls" Baroque Pearl Earrings

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"Not Your Grandmother's Pearls" Baroque Pearl Earrings

Classic yet funky and unique, baroque pearls in white and beautiful gray, set in fine silver or pure copper with sterling silver or copper ear wires. Wear these with a sweater and jeans or a little black dress. Each pair is totally unique and has its own personality.

Choose the pair that best fits your individual style. Please note, baroque pearls are very organic in shape and often have scars or colorations that are natural imperfections. Read this blog post to learn more about baroque pearls.

These are my go-to daily earrings and I get compliments on them ALL. THE. TIME. People love how funky yet beautiful they are. It's also worth noting that they are not heavy. I have a fairly large pair myself and I can wear them all day long without feeling that they are weighing me down. However, if you are really concerned, just send me a message and I'll send you the smallest pearls I have available.

Select your ear wire length from 3 options: Short (total lenth 1.5-2"), Medium (total lenght 2.5-3") or Long (3.5-4.5" total)

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