What is electroformed jewelry?

Electroforming is the intricate process of fusing copper or silver to other mediums such as organic materials, sea glass or pottery. The process involves a low voltage charge passing through an electrolyte bath during which the metal is formed or fused onto the structure. Electroforming builds a substantial amount of metal onto the object, leaving a thick and robust coating, thereby taking items that were once fragile (such as sea urchin shells or dried leaves) and giving them strength.

An easy way to think of it is "dipping" the object in copper or silver, however the process takes several hours, sometimes 48 hours or longer, so it really is more than dipping.

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How strong is electroformed jewelry?

The reason "dipping" isn't really the right word to describe the process is that the slow craft of electroforming actually builds up several layers of metal, creating a lot of strength.

I'm sure you know how fragile a sea urchin shell is, right? You wouldn't dare put one in your pocket because you know it would crumble. But check out this video of a test I did with an electroformed sea urchin shell ring.

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What is sea glass?

Sea glass or beach glass, is glass that has been in the ocean for decades, at least. It has been tossed about in the sand and rocks, wearing down its hard, jagged edges. The saltwater leeches out minerals in the glass, causing the “c marks” or pitting that you see and sometimes even changing the color of the glass. Then, once nature has completed its art, the glass washes up on the beach, ready to be collected and admired. Beautifully, it is nature’s way of taking garbage, and making something we treasure, it is recycling at its finest!

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Will copper jewelry tarnish? What is the best way to clean it?

Yes, like silver, copper jewelry will turn dark and dull over time. It’s super easy to clean though with nothing but ketchup and a minute of your time. Simply rub the ketchup on, let it sit for maybe one minute, then wash with warm water and a little dish soap. Please take care not to let ketchup sit on any stones as the acid could etch the stone.

Why does copper jewelry turn my skin green?

Depending on your body’s PH levels, copper could turn your skin green, especially under a ring band where you have more oils and sweat throughout the day. This is not necessarily a bad thing. There are thought to be many health benefits from wearing copper in contact with your skin, which is why I leave all my copper jewelry raw. However, if you don’t want green skin it’s very easy to remedy. You can use something as simple as clear nail polish to add a layer of protection. Or a better option is to use jewelry wax, such as Renaissance wax.

I have sensitive skin and metal allergies, what earrings can I wear?

The majority of my jewelry is made with copper or sterling silver, which are both known to be hypoallergenic. However, some people with extreme allergies to metals cannot even tolerate sterling silver. I have available surgical implant grade titanium for those customers. This product is known to be the most hypoallergenic metal on the planet. To request ear wires made with titanium, please just add a note to your order or send me an email.

Do you do custom order jewelry?

Currently I do accept custom orders for jewelry and lighting, however the turnaround time depends on how many other projects I am working on. Please fill in the form under About > custom orders to discuss having something made just for you.

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Do you accept returns?

If you contact me prior to shipping I will accept order cancellations. I accept returns only within the first 7 days after you have received the item and only so long as the item is unused and in its original condition. Buyer will be responsible for return shipping costs. Refunds will only be issued once I have received the returned item(s). If you have a defective or damaged item please contact me. I am often happy to make repairs at no cost.

  • Where do you ship from?

    We ship most items from Idaho, USA via regular post. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number. You can visit the USPS website to sign up for email or text notifications. Most orders should arrive within a week. International orders will take longer, it often depends on the situation with customs in your country.

  • Do you allow customization?

    One of the benefits of buying directly from an artist, like me, is being able to customize. If you need a chain to be a little longer or shorter, or you need a ring to be sized up or down, this is often possible! Please contact me prior to ordering and tell me which item you are looking at and what you need customized.

  • Learn more!

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