Art Jewelry by Meagan Gittins

Nature Infused

There is a lot of "nature inspired" jewelry out there, afterall nature is very inspirational! But here at SCD you are getting more, you are getting "nature infused" jewelry.

Whether it's an incredible stone that looks like an abstract painting, or a leaf necklace with a REAL leaf inside, each piece of handcrafted jewelry we make, is a little celebration of nature.

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Our Process

Here at Silver Coast Designs, we think nature is the bees knees, and we know you do too. Sometimes though, life can be so crazy that we get overwhelmed and forget to stop and smell the roses. That’s why we want to draw your attention to the everyday beauty all around you, not by creating anything new, but by embellishing what is already there, because really, nature does it best.

When making jewelry, we start with organic materials such as a leaf or seashell, then through a special process called electroforming, we coat those items in thick layers of pure copper or silver, thereby enshrining them for eternity. We also use more traditional metal-smithing methods to build jewelry from scratch with a torch and hand tools from silver, copper, gold and astonishing natural gemstones.

Our handcrafted lighting is made using items recycled by nature such as sea glass and driftwood, as well as fishing rope we find on the beach, thereby getting it out of the ocean where it is harmful to marine life.

We are confident that in our designs you will sense a celebration of nature. We hope that our pieces will help ground and center you, inspiring you to breathe a little deeper, laugh a little louder, dream a little bigger.

Nature is My Happy Place

I've always been drawn to nature, whether it be the mountains I grew up around in Idaho, or the ocean that kept calling to me as a young adult. But it wasn't until I was dealing with some difficult health problems that I truly came to appreciate the restorative power of nature.

We were living in Portugal, and since my health didn't allow me to do much else, I spent hours walking the beach, searching for ocean treasures, and practicing mindfulness.

It was those pockets full of sea glass and shells that first inspired me to start Silver Coast Designs. Though I had always been a creative person, I didn't have the first clue about how to make jewelry.

But as I felt myself becoming stronger physically, I also knew I could do whatever I put my mind to. So I started watching how-to videos and let trial and error be my teachers.

My jewelry making journey began in 2018, and since then I have built many amazing friendships with my customers, incredible women all over the planet, who like me, love the natural world. It is those women who keep me inspired to keep growing, to keep learning, to keep pushing myself to become a more skilled artist.

Like I always say, "life can be hard, but it is also beautiful. Focus on the beauty."

xo, Meagan