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Beach House Decor, Coastal Decor, Sea Glass Art, Handmade Jewelry.

Beautiful coastal decor for your beach house with an ocean theme.

First of all, what is sea glass? Well, before the days of plastic, most things were made of glass.
For centuries glass bottles and containers were made to store wine, olive oil, poison, perfume, cleaning products and so on. Obviously glass has also been used for centuries to make tableware, vases and beautiful art.

Until pretty recently…

it was acceptable to take garbage (including said glass) out to sea to dispose of. Obviously this wasn’t great for the environment (understatement of the year), and we are now dealing with the consequences. It was, however, good for one thing . . . SEA GLASS! It is out of these products that we hand make all of our beach house decor, coastal art, and sea glass jewelry.

Sea glass is glass that once fell into, or was tossed into, the sea…

There it broke into pieces and began to be tumbled in the sand and rocks. Over the decades the chemicals in the salt water reacted with the molecules in the glass and caused pitting and sometimes color changes. The sand and rocks wore down the rough edges. This went on for countless years. It could have been decades or centuries. Then one fabulous day the surf was just right and the sea sent that beautiful gem up onto the beach where someone might just find it.

Not everyone appreciates the beauty of sea glass…

but to the one with a discerning eye, the one who looks for beauty in everyday things, when that person catches sight of that gift from the sea sparkling in the sun, it is magical.  That person wants that gorgeous piece of rubbish and will do anything to have it, even if it means getting ones feet soaking wet! And once she picks it up and admires it from all angles, for a moment she is in awe and so excited she could dance.

But the next moment all she can think is: “I need to find more!”

It’s true, I know because that is me! I love finding seaglass, or beach glass as it is also known. I know it is essentially trash, but nature is the best “upcycler” of all.

Silver Coast Designs uses nearly all reclaimed and up-cycled materials

– glass, driftwood, fishing rope and other rubbish – in our handcrafted art, lighting, home decor and jewelry. When you buy one of our products you can feel good about it because you’re helping the environment, and so are we!

Coastal Decor

Are you trying to achieve a “coastal” or “beach” decor look in your home? Then what better way than with our driftwood shelves or driftwood and sea glass lighting?

Coastal Shadow Box Art

Do you love the sea but you can’t get there very often? Then you will love our “Beachcombing Fun” shadowbox series!

Sea Glass Art and Crafts

Do you want to make your own arts or crafts using sea glass but you don’t have enough for the project? Here you can buy bags of genuine sea glass by the kilo!

Coastal Themed Gifts

Need a special gift for a friend? Our jewelry selections are all individually unique and special. Don’t see exactly what you like? Feel free to send us a message and make a custom order. Don’t worry, it won’t be as expensive as you may think.

Please enjoy our site, peruse and browse through our offerings. We hope you will see the simple beauty in the materials that we are trying to let shine. And don’t forget to stay salty!

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