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Landscape Jasper Earrings in Silver - So Comfortable

Landscape Jasper Earrings in Silver - So Comfortable

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Landscape Jasper Earrings in Silver

These jasper earrings are so unique. Jasper stones have so much variety, they really are incredible! These landscape jaspers have shades of gray, yellow and burgundy. The stones have been set on top of sterling silver and electroformed in fine silver, sterling silver ear wires. These are lightweight enough to wear all day AND night!

Electroforming is the intricate process of fusing copper or silver to other mediums such as organic materials, sea glass, pottery or stones. The process involves a low voltage charge passing through an acid bath during which the metal is heavily plated or fused onto the structure.

Love earrings but don't have pierced ears? I can switch the wires for comfortable screw-back clips! Have metal allergies? Let me know, I have great hypoallergenic options too!

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