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Blue Pottery Necklace - From the Sea

Blue Pottery Necklace - From the Sea

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Porcelain Sea Pottery Necklace

This blue pottery necklace is made with beautiful painted porcelain that I found washed up on a beach in Portugal. Set in pure copper, this is a unique and lovely piece of jewelry to add to your collection. Copper chain is 18 inches long and can be hooked on any link.

What is sea pottery?

Like sea glass, it was once a plate or cup or platter that was later discarded and tossed into the sea. There it broke up into pieces and the wave action wore the edges down, softening them and giving the piece a unique shape and texture.

After several decades that piece of history washed up on the shore to be picked up by a happy beachcomber (ME!) and turned into a piece of jewelry for YOU to wear and love.

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