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Small Sea Urchin Rings - Silver and Copper

Small Sea Urchin Rings - Silver and Copper

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Small Sea Urchin Rings

REAL sea urchin ring. Each small sea urchin ring is made from a real urchin shell, not a casting. Please allow for differences in exact size, shape and texture. These rings are either all copper or all silver (pure sterling and fine silver), some have a dark patina added to accentuate the texture. Nothing says "ocean" like a sea urchin!

If you are curious about how strong these normally fragile urchin shells actually are and if they will withstand daily wear, check out this experiment I did and posted to Instagram.


size 5: A13, A19

size 5 1/2: A21

size 6: A16

Size 7: A15, A17, A20

Size 8: A18

Size 8 1/2: A22

Size 9: A14

(see this listing for large urchin rings)

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