Wild Fern Leaf Earrings in Silver and Copper


Purchase this item and get 50-55 SCD Points - worth $2.50-$2.75
Purchase this item and get 50-55 SCD Points - worth $2.50-$2.75


Wild Fern Leaf Earrings:

These beautiful and unique earrings are made from REAL wild ferns! I pick them and dry them, then select the best leaves to electroform in pure copper. All ear wires are either pure copper or sterling silver (hypoallergenic) and are made and hammered by hand.

Choose from copper or silver plated (ear hooks are sterling silver). Silver earrings are given a patina to darken the color, creating a varigated look and really emphasizing the texture.Overall length ranges from 3 1/2″ – 4 1/2″.

***Please note, each set of earrings is made individually and is made of organic materials, therefore each set will vary in length and exact shape. These fern leaf earrings are given a lot of strength from the electroforming process, however they are still somewhat delicate and should be handled with care.***

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