Incredible Like a Monet Painting Necklace




Like a Monet Painting Necklace!

You probably can’t afford to buy an original Monet, but this incredible stone looks just like a closeup of one of Monet’s Water Lillies paintings! I’ve designed the backplate to resemble a frame for this beautiful natural piece of art.

The back plate is made of thick sterling silver and has a maker’s mark stamp on the back. The chain is pure copper and is 20″ long and hooks in front with a tiny peridot green bead. This beautiful necklace is colorful and so fun to wear!

This necklace is part of my Private Selection, which will be released in small batch collections over time. These pieces are extra special works of art that showcase my very favorite and best stones.

Each piece is completely crafted by hand and attention is given to the smallest details. Where possible each piece is given a maker’s mark stamp.

These pieces of wearable art are of heirloom quality, meaning they will last several generations, and come with a guarantee of quality craftsmanship.