how to layer necklaces like a boho fashionista


You may not care much about trends, but if you are like me you’ve noticed this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in a hurry. And actually, when done right the layered necklace look is quite nice. So, how can we pull it off?

woman with layered necklaces and a white dress

step one: think odd

It’s one of the oldest design tricks in the book, things look better in odd numbers. So when layering necklaces, start with 3 and maybe go up to 5.

step two: vary the lengths

Varied lengths will give a more stacked look, letting you see each necklace individually and will help somewhat with keeping the necklaces from getting tangled when layered. As far as length goes, 14 inches will sit at about your collarbone, maybe add an 18 inch as well and then a 20 inch. Or you could do 14, 16, 20. Twenty inch necklaces usually sit at about cleavage level, depending on your height and the length of the pendant. If you want to add an even longer layer think 30 inches or more.

step three: try a variety of chains

A variety of chain styles and thicknesses will add to the drama, making each necklace stand out on its own while contributing to the whole look.

I hope these tips help you pull off this trendy look!