how to create a coastal feel in your home

love a coastal look but don’t know where to start?

Don’t you just love a beautifully decorated home? We all know what style we gravitate towards in magazines and on Instagram, but when it comes to implementing a specific style in our own home, it can be quite challenging. In this article I will give you my top tips for creating a coastal décor theme, whether you want to carry that theme through your whole house or just one room.

coastal themed living room with sofa and art

Tip 1: think light and breezy

The colors at the coast are usually light, think golden sand and green sea foam. There’s a whole range of colors you can use, both cool tones or warm tones, but generally light colors are best with perhaps a dark gray or dark blue for accents. White looks lovely with coastal décor, but you could also use an off-white or ivory. Or skip whites all together and go with light taupe or pale gray.

Tip 2: Choose laid-back furniture

Stay away from furniture styles that are dark and heavy, or too formal. Light woods with a natural stain or whitewashed finish are great. Choose natural fabrics like cotton or linen for upholstery and window coverings.

whitewashed coastal carved wood cabinet
whitewashed antique coastal wood cabinet

Tip 3: Upcycle when possible

If you find an old pine or oak cabinet at a thrift store or yard sale, snatch it up! Solid wood pieces can be sanded down and given new life. A lot of “beachy” furniture is distressed looking so don’t feel like you have to do a perfect job on refinishing it. Chalk paint is your friend because you don’t even have to sand pieces that you paint with chalk paint.

Tip 4: Add a touch of driftwood

Nothing says “coastal” like driftwood. Gather a few driftwood sticks and tie them together, then wrap led lights around them for a beautiful corner “lamp”. Use a gnarly piece you found on the beach as a centerpiece on your mantle or coffee table, it’s sure to be a conversation starter! Or add a driftwood shelf or two for interest as well as usable space.

coastal driftwood lamp on a table
3 demijohn bottles in teal and green coastal design

Tip 5: Accent with blues and greens

If you love the ocean, you probably are also a big fan of all the shades of blue and green. A well-executed coastal décor doesn’t necessarily have a heavy amount of these colors, but they will certainly be sprinkled around as accents. One of my favorite ways to accent with those oceany teals, is with glass. It could be a carefully placed jar of sea glass, or a beautiful vintage demijohn bottle. But the way teal blue or green reflects light evokes memories of turquoise coastal waters. Find beautiful demijohn on our site here.

Tip 6: Tie it all together with a sea glass chandelier

You know I couldn’t write an article about coastal décor without mentioning a sea glass chandelier! I view lighting the same way I view jewelry, it’s the thing that ties it all together! What better piece of functional art could there be, than a handcrafted light fixture made of sea glass and driftwood. It’s upcycled, it’s laid-back but still artsy, and it’s completely unique. See our available chandeliers here.

coastal fishing float and sea glass light fixture

Tip 7: Don’t forget some ocean art

Whether it’s an abstract painting (I’m a big fan of Carmen Larsen Art as well as Beyond Finished), or ocean photography, the art you choose will greatly impact the overall feel.