handmade jewelry inspired by nature


“She may have a wild soul, but she is a lover of simple things, and quiet places.” – Ehixojie

I see inspiration everywhere in nature.

What are the simple things you love? I love the way sunlight shimmers and bounces off water, it’s so pleasing to the eyes whether it’s a river, lake, ocean or swimming pool. I love the tinkling sound as the wind softly blows through the aspen trees. And I love the smell of orange blossoms – at the end of winter, the beginning of spring – they smell of hope and beautiful things to come.

jewelry for nature lovers

Whether it’s the stones I choose, or the organic elements I collect and incorporate into my pieces, ultimately, I’m trying to draw your attention to the beauty that is all around us.

woman standing on a cliff looking out at nature

nature does the hard part, I just embellish it

We could trample on leaves every day without ever stopping to admire the incredible intricacies with which they were designed, but coat them in copper or silver and make them into a piece of jewelry, and suddenly we can see them for what they are, little pieces of art.

nature grounds us

Beauty has a way of lifting our spirits and helping us look outside of our own little world so that we can grasp the big picture. The natural world grounds us and helps us reconnect with who we really are inside. I hope my jewelry can be something that does that for you as well.

copper necklaces on a table featuring designs from nature