art should move you

I once got to see Monet’s “Water Lilies” at the Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris. I had never been a fan. I thought it was an overrated single piece of art with boring pastel colors which I’d seen a thousand times on a printed 24×36 inch poster.


Was I ever surprised when I walked into that small, oval shaped room with all four curved walls covered in large canvases, lit only by natural light from a large skylight in the center. It took my breath away. I was amazed at the size and the colors, but most of all I was amazed by the tiny little details when you stood close. I spent far longer in that room than I had expected, and I was so moved I almost cried. Such is art. It can move us, it can overwhelm us when we least expect it. When you see it in person, you may not feel anything at all, but then again you might feel everything.



This is my goal when creating art jewelry and lighting. There is so much beauty in our natural world, I want to showcase that beauty and make you stop in your tracks to admire it.

Our planet was created by the greatest Artist ever who gifted us with all of these fascinating things like gemstones for no other reason than our visual pleasure. I want my art to be a celebration of those gifts along with the gift of the ability to create art ourselves.

wood opal earrings in silver and copper